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What Your Watch Says About You

Can one’s choice of watch say much about the wearer? Maybe. But no more or no
less than a luxury car can say about the owner, besides perspective and budget. Of
course it’s fun to extrapolate, so I’ll give it a very unscientific shot.

The budget is the budget, so when you see a $100,000 time-telling device on a wrist,
it’s probably safe to say there’s some discretionary income at play. But what you buy
with that budget—large or small—does say something about your likes, interests
and reasons for buying. In other words, it might say something about you.
And just like our multi-faceted personalities, there’s often a lot of overlap,
depending upon circumstances and the image one is trying to create. For example,
there are those who go for classic timepieces at the office, but prefer to go rogue on
the weekends, and there are conservative status seekers who never leave home
without their three-hand Patek-Philippe.

Are you…


Conservatives usually prefer to play it safe and look for a good investment and
discreet looks in their timepieces. They may choose watches from a brand with solid
provenance whose timepieces will retain their value or escalate over time. They’re
in it for the long haul.

A status seeker?

Those looking to impress appreciate the implied rank of wearing an expensive—or
at least an expensive-looking—watch. They often go for recognizable high-dollar
models or larger watches with noticeable design cues and materials like yellow gold
or gemstones. In many ways these watch lovers make the watch world go ‘round,
keeping manufacturers on point producing new and eye-catching models each
season or year.

A rebel?

If you buy a watch just because you like it and are not often influenced by the crowd,
you may be a rebel. Rebels often gravitate toward independent watchmakers with
revolutionary designs or mission-driven boutique-style brands. They like that you
might not have heard of the brand they’re wearing and will jump at the opportunity
to regale you with all the details.

An adventure seeker?

Whether a diving watch, pilot watch or other tool-type watch, these timepieces
appeal to sportsmen, sportsmen wannabes or other adventurers because of the
amount of information they can provide (whether or not the various functions are ever used as intended). Those who enjoy these watches also like the tactility they
offer, as well as the opportunity to time things…many, many things.
Complicated (the watch, not the human)?

Those who appreciate complicated watches like order and are driven by a sincere
admiration for mechanics and invention. They value in-house movements and
cherish all the things a mechanical watch can accurately do given research, patience
and will. They value tradition and the continuum that watchmaking provides.


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